Fit Minded is a women’s "book club" that promotes physical activity and wellness.


That’s right—a book club! Not an exercise group. Not a weight loss program.

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The Workbook is the Fit Minded bible. It’s where you list your personal goals and barriers.

It’s where you get honest with yourself about your feelings of self-worth. It also contains practical tips and how-tos for the basics of physical activity.

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Fit Minded is a program that empowers you to take charge of your health by learning about yourself and cultivating your self-worth.

It’s facilitated online, similar to a "book club" format in which you listen to inspiring and informative podcasts and then discuss them online with your peers.

If you know you need to be active but haven’t been able to get started or stay active on your own, Fit Minded will change your mind about physical activity.

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Facilitated discussion by a health promotion professional.


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