How to Make a New Take on Fish Pie in a Flash


When it comes to traditional British cuisine, there aren’t many dishes that are as flavourful and mouth-watering as a fish pie. Traditionally made with white fish such as cod, haddock, or halibut, the savoury pie is a combination of fish and other seafood, usually prawns, which are then coated in a rich and creamy béchamel sauce. Often boiled eggs will be added, where after all of the filling is poured into a shortcrust or puff pastry, making one delicious meal. However, creating a Fish Pie Read more [...]

Amazing Italian Food! Tomato Soup and Spaghetti Bolognese Recipes to Warm the Soul

Tomato Paprika

With the summer months coming to a close and the cool winds slowly making their rounds, it’s safe to say that warm comfort food will be back in your kitchen in no time. When people think of autumn or winter comfort food, they often envision rich, meat laden stews or pot roasts, but did you know that there are healthy and quick vegetarian and pasta options that you can enjoy as well? Long hailed as one of the most universal comfort foods around, tomato soup not only provides a warm, rich and Read more [...]

Warburtons Announces Winner Of Their Crazy Kitchen Challenge

Warburtons set

Adding that extra element of spice to your lunch routine can be difficult to do. Not only are you pressed for time, but you have to try and make the meal tasty, nutritious and, dare we say creative? Ah yes, it’s hard to break the routine of that same old sandwich story, whether you favour the traditional peanut butter and jelly, or the quick and easy ham and cheese. Most people opt for one of the two staples because they feel that they have no other options, but the truth of the matter is that Read more [...]

Livening Up Lunch: Warburtons Has Fun with Krazy Kitchen Challenge

Warburton's Krazy Kitchen

Several decades ago, there were only a few options when it came to packed lunches. You had the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and on the more adventurous side, some deli meat and mustard combination. While these standards sufficed for many generations of students and workers day after day, it’s pretty safe to say that the routine was missing some spice. Fast forward to our oh-so-delicious modern times, and there are many new takes on the classic sandwich, with no selection being more Read more [...]

Cooking Healthy in a Time Crunch? Yes It Is Possible

Microwave Oven Salmon

If you’ve actually ever tried to follow a cooking show step by step, you know that what celebrity chefs hail as a “quick and easy” meal, in reality actually requires tons of prep work, a long list of ingredients (most of which you probably can’t even pronounce) and the deft hand work that only a trained chef has. Yes, Gordon Ramsay can fillet a fish in second, or chop and dice a pound of onions in minutes, but most likely you can’t. Nor, do you have the time either. While we’d all Read more [...]

The Advantages of Slow Cooking and Rayburn Ranges

Rayburn Aga

In our fast-paced world, it’s hard to imagine life before pre-packaged, frozen, canned or microwavable meals. Yes, faster is more convenient in many ways, but it’s not always better. Take canned goods for example. Back in the war and post war days, non-perishable canned goods were essential to soldiers in far off places and the struggling lower classes who had to ration food. However, nowadays, many studies are finding a litany of health concerns inside these cylindrical wonders, ranging from Read more [...]

Dynamo: Magic Bus-king in London!


If you were out and about in the centre of London last weekend, chances are you would have witnessed a sight that would have you doing a double-take, and then reaching for your mobile or camera to prove to your friends what you saw… There was a red London bus with passengers aboard – a common enough sight in London – driving along by the Houses of Parliament, and going across Westminster Bridge. But this was different… there was a passenger outside of the bus. No, not on the roof like some Read more [...]

Charity Tennis Match Sees Andy Murray Joining Forces with Tim Henman

Royal Marsden_06

For the first time in their careers Andy Murray is joining forces with Tim Henman in a unique tennis doubles match, and their opponents for this match are Ivan Lendl and Tomas Berdych. As you might have guessed this is no ordinary match at Queens it is in fact a charity match organised by Ross Hutchins who, earlier this year, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 28. Ross was diagnosed as having cancer of the blood on the 27th of December 2012 and since then he has been attending Read more [...]

Grandpa and His Magic Visa

Young Man

Close your eyes and picture this: your grandfather racing his way to the hospital in time for the birth of your sister. Crossing vast fields of green grasses and trees and dodging a flock of sheep, he runs like there’s no tomorrow, with his walking stick in tow. Then the scene suddenly shifts and you see your grandfather turn into a younger man. He carries with him balloons and a bunch of flowers. He gets to the hospital on time and meets his new grandchild for the first time. Such a sweet story, Read more [...]

Is Your Diet “Dew” for a Shake up?

Mountain Dew Drink

Dieting, in theory, is very simple. In reality, however, it can be really hard work. The theory part of dieting is straightforward; in general, your body needs calories to work and if you take in more calories than is required these extra sugars are stored within your body as fat. Every time you exercise you use or burn calories and therefore you are allowed to eat more to compensate for the calories you have exerted. In order to lose weight you must eat fewer calories than your body requires Read more [...]